Meeting 19th June 2007

7-30 at the Kings Arms Public House, Salford

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Kings Arms Pub . 11 Bloom St, Salford, M3 6AN

Bring your own things to show and tell of course, but to get things rolling we will have short talks from Andy Gracie and Tony Hall

Something about Tony ………..

It is possible to transmit audio data through light radiation and lasers – using amplitude modulation. The earliest experiment using the concept of AM transmission was made at Bell Laboratories – where they used a water jet to record the conversation and ambient sounds in a room and etch these to wax cylinder. I have been enclosing microscopic pond life in droplets of water and placing these on sensors to generate sound form their movement.

ENKI uses the bioelectric communication signals from Electric Fish to induce a state of ‘extreme relaxation’, it controls an immersive sensory environment designed to alter states of consciousness, and produce potentially ‘healing’ effects.

and something about Andy ……..

Andy Gracie is a critical practitioner producing work situated between the arts and the sciences, creating situations of exchange between organic and synthetic systems that allow new emergent behaviours to develop. Over recent years his work has evolved from interactive and generative sound installations to pieces that involve robotics, artificial intelligence, biological practice and custom electronic systems.

Andy is currently AIR at the Digital Research Unit, Huddersfield and will talk about his recent installations and research

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