3rd Dorkbot Manchester, 23 Sept, 2008

Confirmed so far is James Brown currently showing at Site gallery, And  we hope that Lewis Sykes of Sancho plan will be presenting.

“James Brown builds partial film sets in Galleries of superficially domestic scenes. Each set is fabricated to allow various forms of kinetic sequences to be staged for camera (such as a bottle of milk falling over, plaster dust falling from around a light fixture, a pen rolling off a table, a television losing its signal etc.) these actions approximate cliché scenarios of imminent disaster as fictionalised in popular culture; specifically in Disaster genre film such as The Poseidon Adventure Earthquake Towering Inferno, and Jurassic Park.”
James brown

We need you! Got anything to present? or just come and enjoy one of the many fine ales available
September 23rd

7-30 at the Kings Arms Public House, Salford

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