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3rd Dorkbot Manchester, 23 Sept, 2008

Confirmed so far is James Brown currently showing at Site gallery, And  we hope that Lewis Sykes of Sancho plan will be presenting.

“James Brown builds partial film sets in Galleries of superficially domestic scenes. Each set is fabricated to allow various forms of kinetic sequences to be staged for camera (such as a bottle of milk falling over, plaster dust falling from around a light fixture, a pen rolling off a table, a television losing its signal etc.) these actions approximate cliché scenarios of imminent disaster as fictionalised in popular culture; specifically in Disaster genre film such as The Poseidon Adventure Earthquake Towering Inferno, and Jurassic Park.”
James brown

We need you! Got anything to present? or just come and enjoy one of the many fine ales available
September 23rd

7-30 at the Kings Arms Public House, Salford

Meeting 19th June 2007

7-30 at the Kings Arms Public House, Salford

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or address

Kings Arms Pub . 11 Bloom St, Salford, M3 6AN

Bring your own things to show and tell of course, but to get things rolling we will have short talks from Andy Gracie and Tony Hall

Something about Tony ………..

It is possible to transmit audio data through light radiation and lasers – using amplitude modulation. The earliest experiment using the concept of AM transmission was made at Bell Laboratories – where they used a water jet to record the conversation and ambient sounds in a room and etch these to wax cylinder. I have been enclosing microscopic pond life in droplets of water and placing these on sensors to generate sound form their movement.

ENKI uses the bioelectric communication signals from Electric Fish to induce a state of ‘extreme relaxation’, it controls an immersive sensory environment designed to alter states of consciousness, and produce potentially ‘healing’ effects.

and something about Andy ……..

Andy Gracie is a critical practitioner producing work situated between the arts and the sciences, creating situations of exchange between organic and synthetic systems that allow new emergent behaviours to develop. Over recent years his work has evolved from interactive and generative sound installations to pieces that involve robotics, artificial intelligence, biological practice and custom electronic systems.

Andy is currently AIR at the Digital Research Unit, Huddersfield and will talk about his recent installations and research

dorkbot manchester launch


Dorkbot Manchester at Futuresonic!

We are being hosted by Futuresonic for our first meeting. This is an open show and tell session – so bring your stuff along! There will be a small PA and projector..

When and where
Friday 11 May / 6pm-8pm / Free
Council Chambers, Steve Biko Building (upstairs in Academy), Oxford Road

More blurb
Manchester’s first Dorkbot, an informal gathering and Show ‘n’ Tell for artists, musicians, video makers, inventors, hackers, engineers … anyone doing strange things with electricity, with a special focus on alternative computer interfaces. During the event Steve Symons will demonstate his computer interface ‘muio’ and show how to make a ‘muio-mini’ for under £17. Simon Blackmore will demonstate how to use ‘Wiring’, an open source programming environment and electronics i/o board currently developed at the Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia by Hernando Barragán.

dorkbot futuresonic

Dorkbot Manchester have agreed to host an event at this years Futuresonic festival! This will of course involve the usual presentations, but will also feature a workshop on open source interface systems. Either wait here or sign up to the mailing list for more details.

link to Futuresonic

dorkbot manchester needs you!

Dorkbot Manchester are looking for …. Artists, Musicians, Video Makers, Inventors, Hackers, Engineers …. anyone infact who is doing strange things with electricity!

Dorkbot is an informal meeting, exchange, showcase of practice, originating in New York people have spread its ethos globally, see for more details.

We want to start something similar here in Manchester. Our first meeting wil be a “plug and play” event.

Got someting to share?: mail and let us know!

Want to come along:Sign-up to the one way announcement mailinglist to receive details.